**Photos are examples of my builds. Motors, Camera, and Electronics are not included***

The Nemesis Micro V2 is here! 


Noticing almost all Micro quads are designed "toothpick style" and not ideal for freestyle acrobatics, I based the Nemesis Micro off the Gank MultiRotors Nemesis 6" Freestlye frame, specifically for the Micro Pilot that enjoys flying top-mount battery, squished X freestyle quads.


V2 includes added carbon to the motor mount areas, where the motor mounts meet the arms, and where the arms meet the body.  I have also changed the FC mounts from screws to slots to accomodate more FC variations.


23g (2.5")

2.5" = 130mm Wheelbase (corner to corner)


**Photos are examples of my builds.  Motors, Camera, and Electronics are not included***

Nemesis Micro 2.5"(V2)

  • Nemesis Micro comes with the frame, hardware for assembly, and TPU camera mounts

    • 23g (2.5") or 27g (3")
    • 2.5" frame fits up to 2.7" propellors
    • 26.5 x 26.5 Whoop FC  or 16 x 16 micro stack (Recommended)
    • 20 x 20 Mini Stack (Standoffs may be too short, and Camera mouting will be tight)
    • 8mm (3-hole), 9mm-12mm (4-hole) motor mounting
    • 20mm stack height