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The Asp Racer Pro was designed to be sub 70g for the serious racer, while maintaining rigidity, durability, stability, and optimal propellor spacing for high-speed racing

Dry Weight: 69g

Asp Racer Pro

  • Asp Pro Racer standard frame kit includes the frame, TPU Camera mounts, and hardware for assembly

    • 30 x 30 or 20 x 20 FC stack mounting
    • 19 x 19 Mini camera mount included
    • 20mm Standoffs gives 28mm of total stack height
    • 3mm Bottom plate
    • 2mm Top plate and arm plates
    • 5mm Easy-replace Race arms
    • 214mm diagonal arm span
    • 150mm front width (motor to motor)
    • 153mm side length (motor to motor)
    • Dry Weight: 69g

    The Ready to Race kit includes SMA antenna mounts, Turtle-mode fin, and 5 wire savers

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