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Mutiny HD V2 is here!!!

This frame is made a bit smaller than it's V1 predecessor, and designed for a great flying experience for both analog and digital users.  Designed for clean air for easy tuning, and excellent performance, there are no Props in view as low as 15degrees GoPro Angle up to 6",  designed for Chase clean chase footage, and the keeping the Digital Piot in mind.


This is based off  Feedback from our prototype team, more feedback is greatly appreciated and Necessary for me to improve the design before the full release.  


DJI or Caddx Vista Camera 20cm Extension cable is required.

NOTE** - If you are using a rectangular 30x30 ESC, there may be interference with the rear-mid standoff if you run it longways iin the frame.

Mutiny HD V2

$65.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
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