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The Gank MultiRotors Mutiny V2 is designed to be an agile, bashable freestyle quad with very little propwash.


Orders through Jan, 01 2024 will receive a Gank-Lok Arm locking plate for free!!!!!!!!!!


V2 edits remove the standoffs from the arm mount screw for more secure arm mounting, adding 10mm more to the length in front and back, addition of the whoop stack mounting option, and the new Gank MultiRotors signature arm ends with supierion motor protection.


Standard Frame includes frame, assembly hardware, and 2 TPU 1.5mm camera spacers

Cabon fiber camera mounting plate

5mm thick, Easy-replace arms

30 x 30 or 20 x 20, or Whoop style Flight controller / ESC Stacks or Separate

20 x 20 Stack mount in the rear

Standard (2-strap) or Toilet tank (sideways, single strap) battery mounting

Bando Option adds 3mm width to the arms for increased durabilty (recommended for individual ESCs)

Ready to Rip kits include 1 additional Easy-replace arm, GoPro Mount ( Hero7 or Session), SMA Antenna mount, and 5 wire savers (RTR Kits are not Currently Available)

Frame Weight: 

Standard Version - Not Currently Available

Bando Version - 137g

Mutiny V2

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